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Back pain can have various causes, both sudden and gradual.

Sudden causes can be: lifting, falling, an accident or a wrong movement.

Gradual causes include incorrect posture (when sitting, standing or lying), lack of movement, weak abdominal and back muscles, excessive lifting, bending and twisting, stress, obesity, pregnancy, old age (wear and tear) and congenital abnormalities such as leg length differences.

Symptoms of (lower) back pain are often pain and limitation. The pain is usually felt in the lower back, but can also occur higher up. Sometimes the pain radiates to the legs due to stimulation of the muscles and/or nerves. Back pain can be accompanied by stiffness and limited strength and movement. 

About 2 million adults in the Netherlands have chronic low back pain. Back pain is a common problem, so if you're interested in treatment with chiropractic care, you're not alone. 8 in 10 Dutch people will experience back pain at some point. Some people recover quite quickly, but in more than three-quarters of patients the complaints regularly return or persist. 

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