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Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic Care in Den Haag?

Are you looking for a new chiropractor in The Hague? Or do you already have one, but looking to see what is the best insurance?

Does your insurance cover chiropractic and alternative treatments ?

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question. Health insurance plans vary in their coverage, but some plans in the Netherlands will provide at least, to some extent, coverage for chiropractic visits.

As with other kinds of insurance, it all comes down to the fine print of the policy to figure out exactly what is covered and if there are any limitations such as the number of visits to the therapist or practitioner.

Another key point to note is whether these treatments require a doctor’s referral. For treatments like chiropractic, a doctor’s referral is not necessary as they are clearly two different schools of thought.

If you are searching for new Insurance to cover your chiropractic care for 2020-

Here is a list of the Insurance plans that will cover a significant portion of the costs of your chiropractic care plan.


IZA Extra Zorg 4

IZZ door VGZ

Zorg voor de Zorg + Extra 3

National Academic

Aanvullend 3

















Zilveren Kruis

Aanvullend 4 Sterren

This list is just to get you started.Please consult the individual insurance companies for details.

***** Super important update! A number of insurers have sent a letter to their insured that they will not be reimbursed from 2020 if the care provider does not meet the Plato requirement.

The Plato requirement has to do with the minimum level of education that at least HBO must be medical in order to work as a care provider. Every chiropractor affiliated with the DCF, CCA or SNRC meets this requirement with his or her Chiropractic diploma.

It can therefore be indicated to the patients that you meet the Plato requirement.

If you have any questions about your insurance, we will be happy to help you!

Dr Carey

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